How to Help en Taiko through the Amazon and Fred Meyer Rewards Programs

Hello en Taiko Community,

There are two easy and painless ways to help en Taiko and at no cost to you!  Amazon and Fred Meyer each have a charitable contribution program that donates money to a charity of your choice (hopefully en Taiko) for many of the purchases that you make.  The two programs are called AmazonSmile and Fred Meyer Community Rewards.  These programs cost you nothing… same products, same prices. 

Please take the short amount of time it takes to enroll in these programs.  This is a great way to help en Taiko with almost no effort and no cost to you.  Instructions on how to enroll for each program are below.  Please contact me if you have any questions or any trouble enrolling.

With thanks,

    Kazuyo Ito, Artistic Director



Yes, this is run by THE Amazon, it just requires that you enroll in the program and use the “” site instead of “” when shopping Amazon… exact same products, exact same prices, everything is exactly as if you were using the regular Amazon site.  To learn more and to enroll visit the “About Amazon Smile” webpage at:
Or, if it makes you more comfortable, you can access the “About Amazon Smile” webpage using the secure link through the Amazon website:

New to AmazonSmile?
On your first visit to AmazonSmile (, you are instructed to select a charitable organization.  When prompted to select a charity, enter “en Taiko” in the search box.

Already using AmazonSmile but want to change your charity to en Taiko?
Sign in to, select “Accounts and Lists”, “Your Accounts”, then look under “Account Settings” and select “Change Your Charity”.  Enter “en Taiko” when the search box for a charity to select appears.


Fred Meyer Community Rewards:

Every time you shop at Freddy's and use your Fred Meyer Rewards card they will donate a small percentage to the charity of your choice (en Taiko).  First you will need a Rewards Card and an On-line Account for the card.

Don’t have a Fred Meyer Rewards Card?  Here is how to get one.

Just ask any Fred Meyer Cashier or at the Customer Service Desk. Complete a quick and simple form with your name, address (so that they can send you your reward dollars to spend at Freddy's), and an alternate ID number (often a phone number) for when you don’t have your card with you.  Want to know more?  Here is the FAQ site:


Don’t have an On-line Account for your Fred Meyer Rewards card?  Here is how to create one.

After you have your Fred Meyer Rewards card visit:

Fill out the on-line form with your email address and a password to create the account.  It will then open a new page that will ask for your Rewards Card Number (on your card) or your Alternate ID Number.


Have a Fred Meyer Rewards card and an on-line account?  Here is how to select (or change to) en Taiko as your charity.

Sign in to your account by selecting “Sign In” near the top right corner of their main webpage:

After signing in, near the upper right part of the page under “Welcome Back” select your name to get to your Account Summary.  Near the bottom of the Account Summary page select find “Community Rewards” and select “Edit”.  Enter “En Taiko” in the search box that appears, select the little circle next to “En Taiko # 89339” and click “Enroll”.  That's it.  Now when you shop at Freddy's they will donate a little bit to en Taiko.


Thank you for your support.