Project name:  TAIKO DADDY

Yes, we are crazy!   A group of volunteers (some parents and friends) decided to launch this project for the following reasons:

  1. Involving kids into some part of taiko making for an educational purpose; and
  2. Saving up some funds for other activities rather than purchasing new drums, such as sending the team to annual taiko conferences and even to Japan for some performance.

This also gives volunteers a great opportunity to know each other, smile together, and have fun with occasional beers.

Mission 1:  Re-skining grandpa taiko

Mission 2:  Making wine barrel taiko

Mission 1   Grandpa taiko

Step 1: Removing old skins, kan (handles) and tacks   

Step 1: Removing old skins, kan (handles) and tacks


en Taiko has a shaku 1-sun/Sumo taiko. It is called "grandpa taiko" as it is more than 50 years old.  Kazuyo sensei found the taiko at garage sale in Japan years ago. A family originally purchased it as a tradition when a baby was born, wishing her/him a happy life.  It seems like Grandpa taiko was never played before, with skins dirty and totally dried out.


Step 2: Sanding, sanding, ... and staining.

Wow!!  Greg sanded and put some glossy finish on it, so Grandpa taiko is now nice and shiny!

Step 3: Building a stretching stand

Jimmy Choi built a stretching base by himself!  It is called "Jimmy's stretching stand." With this, we are now able to skin taiko heads by ourselves.

Step 4: Forming drum heads

Step 5: Stretching skins by walking and jack pumping repeatedly until reaching the highest possible pitch

Step 6: Finally tacking