en Taiko Annual Report - 2014

Mission Statement
Our Goals for 2014
Message from Director
2014 Performances
Other Accomplishments
Financial Report
Volunteers, Donors, and Supporters
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Mission Statement

“To foster a community where participants from various ethnic backgrounds work together to create music, while learning the cultural traditions of others.“


Our Goals for 2014

  • Grow our audience, both in size and diversity

  • Expand our repertoire with new taiko music, and taiko-marimba songs

  • Purchase new Marimba and Shime taiko

Message from Director

2014 was our third year as 503(c) non profit organization, and it was an exciting and productive year for en Taiko.


It was also a pivotal year for the Taiko community in Portland, and en Taiko was lucky to have so many great opportunities to perform, broaden our audience, and expand the range of community outreach. One of our goals for 2014 was to grow our audience.

We have succeeded. Our audience is larger and more diverse than ever before. We also extended our outreach outside of the Portland metro area, when we performed at Central Oregon Community College in Bend. This was by far the longest trip we have had. The group also made a trip out of state to Washugal High School in Washington.


en Taiko musicians thrive in the development of their craft, but always tries to do something new, something educational, fulfilling and also fun.


We started the year with an opening show for the annual gala of a lawyers association at a downtown hotel. We also partnered with a local media group to create a DVD at their brand new studio. Something new.


We created new marimba-taiko combo music, and presented it for the first time at our third annual concert. Something educational and fulfilling.


We played at the Providence Bridge Pedal, exploring a much more interactive, responsive, and improvised performance. Something really fun!


In summer, we were able to participate in the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Atomic bomb memorial event. Learning more about different cultures and traditions, while studying Japanese history is important. But it was also a great opportunity to be a part of the Japanese community in Portland.   


Throughout the year, we received amazing support from en Taiko families. This is really the core of our community. We cannot express our appreciation enough. This support ranges from car-pooling kids from school to the practice studio, bringing in snacks, taking pictures/videos at performances, planning and organizing our annual concert, and much more. We are very fortunate to have such supportive families.


Next year, we will try to do a music recording to capture our best and cleanest sounds, and then share over the website. This is another new experience for us, and we are excited to use our first CD (or downloadable songs) to reach out to an even greater audience.


We have seen exceptional growth in skills and collaboration by the children. Similarly,  along with board members, I have put a lot of thought into en Taiko’s organizational growth and a clearer vision for the future. Our goals for next year include a hope that we can become a more mature organization that will be able to create new music, provide musical education to more children, and to raise enough funds to support our growth.


On behalf of the en Taiko Board and Director, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the many achievements and successes of en Taiko in 2014. Together we will make 2015 another wonderful year for our ever growing community.


Kazuyo Ito, Artistic Director


2014 Performances
(increased from 9 in 2013 to 17 in 2014)

Date        Event Name

9/10/13    OAPABA Gala Dinner

9/21/13    N. Portland Library

11/2/13    en Taiko DVD recording with Metro East Media

1/10/14    Richmond Elementary New Year’s Festival

1/24/14    Scholls Heights Elementary

1/31/14    International School of Beaverton

2/17/14    Asian New Year Celebration (PCC)

3/29/14    Washougal High School

4/12/14    The 58th Annual Onchi Sensei Memorial Tournament Opening

4/26/14    Pacific University - Japan Day

5/10/14    Central Oregon Community College

5/14/14    PCC Rock Creek

6/14/14    en Taiko Concert '14 “Woodblock Factory”

8/2/14      Obon Fest

8/6/14      Hiroshima Nagasaki Memorial

8/10/14    Bridge Pedal 2014

8/15/14    Sunnyside Library


Other Accomplishments

  • Spring Concert (increased audience by 160% to nearly 350 people)

  • 17 Performances (increased by 212%)

  • Heightened quality of music and performance as well as professionalism and increased performance honorarium by 475%

  • Raised fund to purchase Shime taiko

  • Received 23 performance requests.

  • Received $1250 grant from Multnomah County Cultural Coalition to help produce our annual concert

  • Received $300 grant from The Japan Foundation to manage PR for the annual concert

  • Two 5th graders graduated from Honki taiko and entered Middle School taiko.

  • Organized Summer taiko camp with 35 participants. (increased by 120% from 2013)

  • Purchased Shime Taiko to add in much needed instrument to lead the group performance


Financial Report


  • 70% of en Taiko’s income comes from class tuition followed by 14% of performance honorarium. Most of the tuition is paid out to en Taiko education for payroll and class supplies. Our goal is to increase donation and grant percentage in 2015.

  • Instrument total reflects purchases for a marimba, and shime taiko.

  • Honorarium in Income section are what we have received for our performance.

  • Honorarium in Expense section are paid to collaborating artists and technicians.


Volunteers, Donors, and Supporters

en Taiko appreciates our families and friends. Our performance is a reflection of their generous support. We are happy to give positive spirit back to our community through our music.


Consider a Gift

Please consider giving a gift to our organization.

Our income and expense are almost net to zero, and it doesn't leave us much to expand repertoire or instrument to support the growing number of students.

Financial contributions are needed for purchasing instruments, collaborating with other artists, and producing recording and concert.

In 2004, we received two grants, and we will continue applying for different grants in coming year. Your support will make a big difference!


Please consider a tax-deductible gift for en Taiko.

You can donate online through our website. http://www.entaiko.org/donate/

or you can mail your donation to en Taiko. (Please write your check to “en Taiko”)


Thank you very much.